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About Me 

Encouraging, inspiring, educational, and a little bit quirky, that's what I want Ponder That to be. I try not to take myself too seriously, and I hope you take me as I am--

a 30-something who is trying to navigate the day-to-day with her faith, a desire for the lovely things in life, and a heavy dose of humor.


I have always considered myself a writer- a storyteller if you will- and for years people have encouraged me to start a blog. However, for one reason or another, I never made it happen. With a myriad of fears and excuses -insecurities, lack of free-time, nerves- I never committed to the idea. Finally, I stopped with the excuses, worrying about what others would think, and started creating.  

And here we are! 

We are people in process. There is power there and purpose too. This site is about pondering the process, finding the Giver of our purpose, seeing how we belong, and feeling less alone.


God is active in our lives, and I want to remind us of that and maybe, just maybe we can think a bit deeper, laugh a bit harder, pray a bit longer, and live a life so full that it nearly burst at the seams. 

Much love darlin' xx


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