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3 Ways To Keep Your Single Spirit Up On Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Back in December I shared on Insta about being single at 32. I figured since it's Valentines Day, I'd add on and share a bit more of that story here.

I was getting ready for my church Christmas party, and had trouble zipping my dress. I couldn’t zip it all the way. That’s ok I thought to myself, my hair will cover the gap, and I’d get a girlfriend to help once I arrived. Suddenly I had a twinge of sadness and thought. “I wish I had a man to help me with this” This is out of the ordinary for me. I do well being the sassy single. But in the late Fall and Winter season, I have a cycle that pops up. I WANT A BOYFRIEND Couples are off doing couplish stuff like ice skating (so what I’m in FL) wrapping presents together, kissing under the mistletoe, while we single folk are left out feeling alone, cold, nostalgic, and eyerolling. Like really why are 90% of Christmas songs, so lovey-dovey sweet ;) Social posts imply that everyone is getting engaged (2 of my BFFs did, and one got married this year:)

I think it’s wonderful to feel a longing for someone to walk hand-in-hand with and admire the Christmas lights. It’s entirely normal to feel more aware of your desire for a holiday hug and cuddle. But we don’t have to dwell there for the season.

Nope, not at all.

The season is an opportunity to remember that God promises good for you , that you should trust His timing, your steps are ordered if you’re walking with Him, and that you should cherish this time of singleness as Paul wrote in #1corinthians 7.

I look forward to a time with a partner, and once in a while (I repeat, once in a while) the desire to have that presence in my life can be, well, very present. THANKS, @hallmarkchannel MOVIES!! I am keenly aware and hope you are too that finding a forever person is not the key to happiness. Being present in the moment and being thankful for what you have while sharing with others, will pay dividends and are the real keys to happiness. I'll keep working on happiness from within and from above. I pray we remember the Savior who promises to never leave us alone and gives us a hope for the future. —

BTW in 5 minutes of my arrival at the party, a sweet friend zipped me up in this cute dress from @dillards I had such a blast and am so thankful to have these precious people in my life.

This Valentine's Day I reminded myself of 3 ways to keep my spirits up even when I'm single.

  1. Treat others- The past few years, I've carried sweets around with me on Valentine's Day. I give them to the ladies in my life who might not get anthing from a friend or loved one on the day. I promise, people are always surprised, and honestly it makes me feel pretty great too.

  2. Date yourself- If you've wanted to try that new restaurant, visit that new museum, or go see a new movie, go do it on your own! I'm telling you, there is something empowering about doing things on your own. I hear you "Nicole, I just can't do something like that." No! Promise me, you'll try it at least once!

  3. Change your perception on Valentine's Day- Have you ever stopped and realized that Valentine's Day (when in a relationship) is not about you? It's about someone else. Your partner. When you aren't in a relationship, guess what, you get to focus on YOU. Take advantage of this time. Also, you don't have to share your half priced candy with anyone on Feb 15th ;)


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