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If You Handwrite Notes You're A Better Person

After grad school when I was still job hunting I would write thank you notes after each interview. There where at least two times that I did not get the job but I got a WOW email response regarding the thank you note. Notes like mine are rare today and rarity creates value. The time it takes and the cost for a stamp are much less than the value a handwritten note gives you in professional and relational situations.

5 Reasons we should write handwritten notes more often

  1. It makes you happier: Research says there are “author benefits” for penning notes to friends.

  2. They show you care: A simple note shows to someone that they have been on your mind.

  3. They require attention: FB and text can be done while multitasking. Notes take undivided attention. It’s good to unplug a bit and positively focus attention.

  4. It’s classy: It doesn’t matter if it’s a Christmas card or a thank you note after someone has you over to their house… a handwritten note shows a level of class and sophistication.

  5. A time-honored tradition: Letters have been a vital part of our culture for thousands of years. There is a lot to be said about something that has stayed around that long. There is something almost romantic when writing a letter. It’s a reminder of old days gone by. ✍️

Let's make handwritten notes a hip thing of the future and not an old fashioned thing of the past.


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