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Let There Be LIGHT

And how the word light means more than you realized.

What's your first move when the electricity goes out?

If it's nighttime, I'd reach for a flashlight or a candle.

It’s a fact: light makes it possible to see around us. I'm a bit behind on my word of the year, but it's been LIGHT all along... it's just now I can explain it.

Why, without it we just wouldn’t know what was going on. Our other senses would work in overdrive but there would still be something missing...

As obvious as it seems, we take light for granted. Daily we walk in and out of rooms, flipping switches to illuminate.

Scripture proclaims God as not only the giver of light but AS LIGHT

And just like physical light, we can fill our life and senses with various other things, but there is still something missing when God is not in our lives.

When I started to research the word, I was thrilled to see these varied definitions.





How perfect!! 2021 was full of of dark heavy moments but my trust in God was leading me look forward to the lighter side of things.

The Christian nuance of the light/ darkness motif, which is the fact that God is the fullness of what is conveyed in the metaphor of light. Leads us to 1 Jhn 1:5 “ God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.”

Did you realize even in darkness, light is present?

Light is comprised of photons and waves. Darkness is simply when light photons are:

1. Not large enough

2. Obstructed

Light is always present .

Darkness is when our eyes are can't pick the photons up.

That puts a bit of a different spin on the statement that "God is Light."

If there is darkness in your life- spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally- expose it to THE light (God and the word) and it will expel the darkness.

Expose it to THE light (God and the word) will expel the darkness.

I love the etymology of words- in usage of “Light” the word is repeated throughout scripture mainly regarding salvation for people stuck in despair. It was a way out. It was hope.

‘Fiat lux' came up many times. It's the Latin for the way God said, “

Let there be light”. More accurately translated it means, “Let light do.”

“Let light do.”

I love that!!! Just let Him do his thing, ok!! How stinking cool is that?

From the main Man-

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” – John 8:12

Many times walking through life we feel dark.

This year, remind yourself, not only does the light of God dispel all darkness but He also lifts the heaviness of burden.

Light doesn’t struggle to push its way into the darkness saying “maybe if I try a bit harder” NO! it dispels the darkness right away.


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