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Pasta Alternatives Are Gross

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

I've realized people lie about pasta alternatives and I'm rebelling with boodles (butternut squash noodles)

I'm not a big pasta fan. But you "butternut" believe people when they tell you pasta alternatives are gross. I've found one recipe that kicks major tail and ticks all the boxes of flavor, filling, and healthy.

“You "BUTTERNUT” believe people when they tell you pasta alternatives are gross."

I've tried making BOODLE- Butternut Squash noodles and my! oh! my! it was delicious.

This dish is official a new go-to. Try the recipe below.

5 Ingredient Butternut Bacon Artichoke Alfredo

  • Butternut squash spiraled by hand or these pre-made ones from Cece's Veggie Co. They have them at Target and other stores like Kroger.

  • 2 tbsp artichoke pesto. This is the one I used from Stonewall Kitchen but heard Trader Joe's has a great one

  • 2-3 tbsp of bacon bits

  • 1/2 jar keto friendly alfredo sauce. If you're doing #keto try this sauce by Bertolli

  • Preferred amount of Parmesean. The more the better IMHO

Cook noodles down in a pot for a few minutes before draining and adding ingredients. Apply a liberal showering of freshly cracked black pepper and

It really is that easy. Now getting to cooking and enjoy all this creamy goodness and feel good about it too. ENJOY!


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