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The 5 Step No Recipe Egg Sandwich

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Sandwiches are proven portable breakfasts. This one is even a bit nostalgic.

All without having to read a single recipe.


If I’m totally honest, most mornings I don’t eat breakfast. I like my coffee to hit my stomach empty — no food to sop up all the caffeinated goodness. However, we all have heard how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And if I have the time, or if someone makes it for me, I love a good brekkie.

If you live anywhere in America, I will bet you’ve looked at beautiful images of food online.

In fact, Instagram has over 100K hashtags for #breakfastsandwich

Well, this particular recipe comes all the way from the bitter cold tundra of the great white north- Canada- ha!

Ok, so basically everyone all across the Earth gaze at their screens, computer or otherwise, to learn how to expand their culinary expertise. But this simple little sandwich here was such a pleasing nom that I had it every morning on a recent trip to visit my friend in Canada.

A Modest Meal

A simple egg, spinach, and tomato (hold the tomato for me) sandwich.

My darling girlfriend who hosted me on my visit has had the sandwich all of her life. Her father insisted that we have the sandwich every morning and has made it for his wife basically every day of their nearly 30-year marriage.

These sandwiches don’t need a recipe, and that’s part of their charm. Here are five basic steps to the perfect egg sandwich- for breakfast or otherwise.

  • Brown the bread- This is key

  • Enjoy the egg- Many ways to enjoy an egg. Poached, soft scrambled, hard scrambled

  • Find the filling- Tomatoes, spinach, MEAT -try the Eggmeat muffin @ Orlando Meats -

  • Choose a cheese

  • Savor the sandwich

Sandwiches are not much of my thing but when a nice crusty bread is used…. delicieux!

Gorgeous crazily photogenic portable morning meals are all the rage now, in fact, they have moved from the humble drive-thru to the high-brow cafe.

A few of those #breakfastsandwiches from Insta

Or in my case on our recent train trip from Ottowa to Montreal on ViaRail- a clamshell-packed in a bag to go.


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