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Why Does Resting Exhaust You?

How do you rest? Are you getting enough of it in your life?

Rest: a bodily state characterized by minimal functional and metabolic activities. peace of mind or spirit⁣

How do you rest? I’m the type who sits on the couch watching a movie while folding laundry, checking emails, plucking my eyebrows and texting my mom. The type of “rester” who beats herself up after a “lazy” Saturday. ⁣ Too often I burn the candle at both ends , chronically overwork, and end up running myself into the ground. It’s those times I sleep in on the weekend and still feel tired. Days I don’t answer my phone but oddly long to speak to someone.⁣ As you can tell when I don’t take the time to truly rest, I start erring on the side of unhealthy and leaning towards apathetic. They say there is “no rest for the weary”⁣ Jesus tells us “Come to me all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest” Matt 11:28⁣ Unlike thousands of self-help books and I’m sure thousands more blog post , Jesus simply offers himself as the holistic solution to our weariness and burdens. He offers no 5 step plan of rest and relaxation. Instead He tells us to come to Him. ⁣ In my continued “coming” to Him for direction I was recently able to take a trip to Canada. He opened all the right doors for me to go and with perfect timing. ⁣ While there my friend @mash.elle took us to @nordikspanature_chelsea And boy of boy did I rest. Lol ⁣

—⁣ Relaxin’ in a winter wonderland! ⁣ —⁣

We see the word ‘rest’ and we think just chilling out maxing relaxing and though that is PART of rest there is more. I want to REST by being assured of God’s promises in my life. I hope you get some rest soon too


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